What is tantra

“Tantra loves, and loves unconditionally. It never says no to anything whatsoever, because everything is part of the whole, and everything has its own place in the whole, and the whole cannot exist with anything missing from it.” – Osho


What is Tantra?

what is tantra

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Tantra itself means “to weave, to expand, and to spread”, according to Tantric Masters, the fabric of life can provide true and ever-lasting fulfilment when all the threads are woven according to the pattern designated by nature. When we are born, life naturally forms itself around that pattern. But as we grow, our ignorance, desire, attachment, fear, and false images of others and ourselves tangle and tear the threads, disfiguring the fabric. Tantra “Sadhana” or practice reweaves the fabric, and restores the original pattern. The Tantra provide detailed instructions on a wide range of topics, including spiritual knowledge, technology, and science. In Tantra it is discussed that science and mysticism could go hand in hand, as could sensuality and asceticism.To explore your “self” through tantra, you have the opportunity to experience your sensations whilst being conscience and mindful in the present moment using meditation, breath and understanding the body. Tantra tantric massage london offers an insight to ones mystical nature expanding boundaries and awareness.