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Sessions and Prices


Tantra is a complete way of life. A holistic health system comprising diet, yoga, massage, meditation and daily lifestyle. Tantra is beneficial not only a person’s health, but also their well being, behaviour and state of mind.

Nutrition sessions are designed to help you feel an abundance of energy, clarity and emotional balance. By building a health reserve via treatments and nutritional support, you can help to generate more resilience towards infections and degenerative diseases, helping your sex life and aiding you to feel healthy and energised. A one-to-one consultation allows for individual analysis of symptoms, lifestyle and dietary habits. By integrating nutrition and lifestyle to awaken the body’s significant powers of self-healing and regeneration.

Tantric Counselling

1 hour: £120

1.5 hours: £160

Tantric Counselling allows the you to explore difficulties and changes on a personal level in a gentle supportive environment. We all experience times in life when we need someone non judgemental to talk to whom is capable of bringing clarity and transformation.

The tantric healing treatments is an energy treatment working with the meridians on the body. Healing energy is the positive vital force that runs through all of life. When we lose our connection to this vital source, our being can feel tried and blocked. Tantric healing can facilitate balance and harmony,opening your heart and helping you progress spiritually.

Tantric Massage

1 to 1 Massage Session – 1 hour: £120

4 Handed Massage Session – 1 hour: £220

1 to 1 Massage Session – 1.5 hours: £160

4 Handed Massage Session – 1.5 hours: £340

1 to 1 Massage Session – 2 hours: £200

4 Handed Massage Session – 2 hours: £400

Warm oils, incense, candlelight and tranquil music help create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for the session. A tantric massage is a naturist (both client and therapist) intimate massage. The whole body, all chakras and energy lines are worked on from head to toe with everything in between, in a continuous flow of long strokes, creating a feeling of waves of warm, gentle water flowing over the skin. The massage can include a sacred Lingam massage for men or sacred Yoni massage for women. According to Tantric and Taoist ideals, the Lingam and Yoni are thoroughly massaged not only because they are an important source of creative and healing energy, bliss and joy in life, but also because they have active reflective points to major internal organs.

This massage promotes general and sexual health with an educational journey into ones self. A massage session may also include intuitive healing, meditation, sexuality coaching and breathing exercises taken from Tantra or Taoist practices. Book now a sensual massage London.