Tantric Massage For Men

Tantric Massage For Men

The perfect way to relax and unwind into a sensual space is a tantric massage for men. Be completely nurtured and pampered in the arms of a tantric goddess.


Zen Naturist Tantra Massage For Men

A Zen Naturist Tantric Massage for men is an erotic, sensual experience. Surrender to pleasure and learn to be conscious in deep states of sensual relaxation whilst building sexual energy throughout the entire body, creating orgasmic waves. Tantric Massage London is a wonderful invitation to explore your body wholly. When we learn to surrender to pleasure, we also heal and energise. Let the rest of the world just melt away as unhidden femininity and soft tantric touch dissolves tension from every inch head to toe.

Sensual Tao Bathing and Tantric Massage

This is the perfect way to relax and unwind into a sensual space. Be completely nurtured and pampered in the arms of a tantric goddess. The session starts with a warm rose petal bath. Soothing and dissolving stress and tension allowing you to relax and open the body to enhance the tantric massage experience. Both rejuvenating as well as relaxing, the massage is a combination of therapeutic and sensual massage, as well as specific Tantric bodywork. It is designed to clear any stress or physical tension, and open you to full body orgasmic waves.

1st and 2nd Chakra Massage

Men have a lot of pressure to perform, provide, and accomplish. Here is a session totally without goals. In this session the man is totally receptive. This ceremony can be an hour and a half, or two hours long. The session of tantric massage for men starts with the Bathing Ceremony, consisting of a hot sensual mineral bath to tune you inward and focus the mind while engaging the pleasure receptors in the body and deepening your awareness. Once the body is relaxed, pampered, massaged and the spirit is nurtured and awakened, the focus is on the first and second chakras.

Learn to give a Tantric Massage to a Woman

Be a healer for your woman by becoming a more artful lover. Learn how your touch can be deeply healing as well as open her up to her full orgasmic potential. A unique opportunity for you to learn to give tantric touch to your loved one. In a sacred way you will be re-trained in the art of sensual touch in an informative, experiential and fun session. You will learn how to become more present and in your body; how to ground your energy and how to be sensitive to your partner’s energy. In this initial session you will learn how to move you and your partner’s energy through breathing and how to create a safe and loving space for her. You will also learn how to give a well rounded sensual massage. Each session is a “hands-on” experience. You will work on a chosen Goddess or you may invite your beloved to participate with you.

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