Tantric Lingam Massage

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious” – Albert Einstein

Tantric Lingam Massage

Lingam is the sanskrit word which translates to mean “pillar of light”. When the lingam transforms from a soft state to an erect state, it is a sign that the male is vibrating with divine creative energy with the possibility of creating new life. Combined with tantric massage London option it will make you experience new sensations. This energy around the sexual organs and in the pelvic region builds up slowly through the bodily functions and sits in the pelvis. This energy is know in tantra as kundalini energy. Represented first as a coiled snake and once awakened uncoiled and moving up the spine.When aroused impulses pass through the sacral area to the lingam.

The arteries in the lingam dilate, causing the blood to fill the spongy areas of the shaft. During the tantric lingam massage physical stimulation is applied to the whole genital area and directly to the tip and and shaft. This raises internal pressure and the lingam becomes erect.As the breathing rate, heart rate and blood pressure begin to rise. You are encouraged to consciously breath more deeply into the belly, using the PC muscle and communication to begin exploring ejaculation mastery. During this time you can experience intense physical and spiritual sensations accompanied by waves of pleasure. A profoundly sacred state of being.

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