Sensual tantric journey

Sensual Tantric Journey

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious” – Albert Einstein

Sensual Tantric Journey

Awakening your sensitivity to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well being! On a sensory journey all of the senses are explored! Beginning in a yam yum position to create connection, receptivity and an open heart. Tantric Massage London is a bliss. This meditation stimulates the right side of
the brain enhancing feelings of love throughout your being. You will be blindfolded and fed slowly and sensuously, tasting and exploring each delicate flavour.

You will notice the intricacies of taste and how it can create warm feelings in the body. Practised naked tasting delights from fingers, breasts or the soft skin of the belly brings excitements and anticipation to the experience.During the massage aromatherapy oils are used to stimulate you sense of smell taking you on a blissful voyage of touch, breath with enhancing beautiful fragrances.At the end of the massage you are encouraged to share your experience and feelings. Generally a lot of feelings can be locked up and unexpressed during love making so this journey gives you the opportunity to find your inner truth and express it!

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