Couples Tantric Sessions

Sessions and PricesCouples tantric sessions

60 mins – £200.00
120 mins – £400.00

Sensual Tantra for Couples


Would you like to learn how to give a Tantric massage to your Lover?
There is a powerful intensified magic that occurs when couples learn and practice together. Here’s a chance to get divine love and nurturing from both sexes at the same time! Enjoy an exotic four handed massage and explore erotic tantric techniques, discover how emotional release work and sound healing will help to heighten your pleasure. Learn advanced God/Goddess spot massage and how to maximize your sexual energy.

Tantra sessions square measure for folks that have an interest in personal growth. it’s a path of integration that accepts all aspects of ourselves while not judgement or ego control. there’s an awesome quantity of data via books and also the net associated it’s price noting that it’s within the follow instead of the speculation wherever you’ll begin to expertise true shifts of energy and an clench of your divine nature. Tantra is ultimately associate experiential path associated continually an in progress one.

Whether you’re new in relationship or are along for a short time, couples tantric sessions will bring new and infrequently deeper levels of intimacy together with your beloved. It invitations you to explore associate degreed trust each in yourself and your partner in an open, honest and puckish way!
This session contains all of the weather of the “individual” Buddhism session, together with sensual bathtub and Buddhism massage. to realize a higher sense of this encounter it would best to run through one amongst many possibilities:
when your arrival in our studio and before the beginning of the session, your tantrica can begin to form a trusting and cozy relationship. whereas reaching to recognize one another it usually helps to calm high-strung nerves and anxiety with a glass of wine or 2. this can conjointly gift a beautiful chance to speak and honestly discuss all wishes which can be anticipated throughout the session. once everybody feels snug with each other the session might begin.

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The deity can currently invite you to enter the inner sanctum of her sacred house. she is going to facilitate every of you to uncase in preparation of the tub ceremony. sensible time issues might limit this ceremony to 1 of the partners. during which case it’s always additional applicable to order this privilege for the feminine partner. within the event that “both” partners would love to be bathed, it’d be necessary to set up for a somewhat longer session ahead. This sensual bathtub is that the excellent thanks to harden the Buddhism massage that follows.

Your  couples tantric sessions would begin the session by demonstrating numerous techniques on each of the partners, alternating her attention in order that one partner might observe. the opposite partner will have the chance take part and apply. during this rotating manner, initial one partner, then the opposite can need to likelihood to be either the tantric’s subject or assistant. The couple might apply these recently discovered techniques on each other, as usually as they may want. All parts concerned during this session ar represented in nice detail elsewhere among this web site (see multiple coming, tantra, yoni and symbol massage).

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